Trout lures - 100% hand made from balsa wood

I make hand-made  lures from balsa wood .

Each and every piece is tested and tuned individually, to make sure it has the best swimming action in any waters.

I've been personally searching for trouts for a while , and not being able to find any that would satisfy my needs, I've decided to do it myself - and what a journey it was.

One of the primary benefits of balsa is that it is extremely buoyant, much more so than a comparably sized plastic bait. This allows for better castability. The overall density of the balsa makes super-accurate, bullet-like casts possible, so getting into those hard-to-reach places is easier.

Also the movement in water is far more better compared to hollow plastic .

trout lures

I start with cutting the balsa wood shape for each model. Then I insert a stainless wire and the weight system, followed by aluminum foil to mimic the undewater flash that atracts fish but also the scales texture and the head and gills shape to create a more real feel .

hand made lures

Then, I add a layer of epoxy resin to add resistance to the body and foil.

Once this is done, I start the painting process - this is the fun part; I usually follow certain colour schemes which I know that work for me ,i search and try to imitate the most common minnow patterns that can be found in trout streams or lakes in different parts of the world like the vairon that has lots of subspecies  ,also try to make trout patterns as i know trout eat their own juveniles like brown trout ,rainbow trouts brook trout . But also make custom colours at the customer request and clasic colours that are already tested for many years .

colour salmon lure

The end result is indeed satisfying - and it gives me immense pleasure to capture fish with every occasion in all different weather and light conditions .

 I delivered orders all over the world in UK, France, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, and all the way to Australia and the US.

most my lures are fitted with tiple hooks but at request i can add single hooks ,normal singles or barbless .

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Feel free to reach out for custom orders or - contact page.